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IMQ Minded Security specialists are respected for their sense of detail and quality; they turn every stone on their quest to verify and assess customer vulnerabilities and to provide the best possible proofs of concept.

IMQ Minded Security is a leading Software Security consulting firm where its employees learn new skills and grow their careers. We are a Company specialized on application security towards the use of a wide range of technologies and platforms. Generally our clients are Enterprise Companies with a lot of critical applications. Our work environment is highly challenging and intellectually competitive. IMQ Minded Security needs smart people that work in team respecting quality and time.

All employees work at their preferred location most of the time. On-site consultancy is required mainly in Milan and Rome.

We are preferably looking for Italian speaking applicants with fluent English skills.

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Senior Software Security Expert

In other words a (Hardcore) Code Reviewer, Elite Web Penetration Tester and Trainer
Experience: 4+ Years
Languages: Italian, English

Minded Security offers a full time IT security position where a proved seniority is required.

Your daily work will be:

  • Review Complex Application Source Codes (Financial System, Payment processors, Corporate Web Site Portals)
  • Mobile Application Testing and Review
  • Training software developers around Italy to let them achieve proficiency in Security Software Programming

The preferred candidate has a proven interest in software security and experience with the some of the following:

  • Code Review
  • Programming (preferably Java2EE, .NET, Mobile OS programming)
  • Critical Infrastructures, utilities and Financial Sector
  • Web Vulnerabilities (CSRF, DomXSS, Padding Oracle, Session Puzzling, Injection vuln..)
  • Owasp direct involvement
  • Knowledge about exploitation internals (DEP, ASLR)
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Operating system concepts
  • Distributed systems
  • Experience with both Windows, Linux and MacOS

If you have a passion for penetration testing, security issues vulnerabilities and exploits in custom applications then you may just be the candidate we are looking for.

In addition being part of the Minded Security CASE Team (Center of Application Security Excellence) is not going to be easy; in fact it is going to be very hard. The art of vulnerability analysis and research has only become harder to master in recent years.