Minded Security can support you to develop a Secure Software Assurance process

Minded Security can support you to develop a Secure Software Assurance process


Software Security Advisory

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What is the OWASP SAMM

The OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM) is an open framework to help
organizations formulate and implement a strategy for software security that is tailored to the specific risks facing the organization.

The resources provided by SAMM will aid in:

  • Evaluating the organization’s existing software security practices.
  • Building a balanced software security program in well-defined iterations.
  • Demonstrating concrete improvements to a security assurance program.
  • Defining and measuring security-related activities within an organization.

IMQ Minded Security Approach

IMQ Minded Security Software Assurance Maturity Assessment is a high level assessment of the maturity and capability of the organization in software security practices that uses the OWASP SAMM standard to conduct the assessment. The goal is to evaluate the current state of the maturity of the organization in conducting software security activities within the SDLC and to derive a roadmap that the organization can follow to improve his capabilities in software security.

  • Interview with all the actors involved in the secure software development life cycle.
  • Evaluation of the organization’s existing security practices.
  • Creation of a roadmap which specify the most effective actions for the company in order to improve its software assurance maturity.
  • Sharing and discussing the results with our customer.


Implement the right DevSecOps automation and Continuous Web Application Scanning for your needs.

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We are a Consultancy Company focused in supporting Companies to develop secure products.

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We performs software security analysis in white box mode and black box mode.

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Training and awareness in software security is critical for information security.