IMQ Minded Security Consulting Services


IMQ Minded Security is a Consultancy Company focused in supporting Companies to deliver or acquire more secure software.

The following is our approach for the delivering of Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC) professional services:

Software Security Maturity Model

IMQ Minded Security firstly performs an assessment to all the processes involved in the SDLC of your Company in order to evaluate the maturity in each single business function. The objective is also to create a Roadmap to improve the processes that require less effort and give more benefits in the next years.

Secure Coding Guidelines

Security Specialists can support your Company to deliver Secure Coding Guidelines to adopt inside the organization. Our competencies are related to J2EE, .NET, PHP, Python, C, C++, ADA and COBOL languages and iOS, Android Mobile platforms.

Secure Design

IMQ Minded Security can help creating a secure design process inside your company or support it during the design phase conducting a threat modeling assessment.

Secure Architecture

IMQ Minded Security experts can review your architectures (such as a Sigle Sign On mechanism) analyzing the threats and designing a secure architecture.

Outsourcing Development Governance

If your company adopts a software development in outsourcing model, IMQ Minded Security can support you to develop a Secure Software Assurance process with the aim to define all the criteria and all the steps necessary to guarantee an Assurance of the software that you will buy.

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Services Consulting.

Since 2007, IMQ Minded Security started implementing S-SDLC ( Secure Software Development Life Cycle) for the customers using Microsoft SDL and the OWASP SAMM models. The new IMQ Minded Security Software Security 5D framework is derived from many years of experience performing software security assessment to many Companies and from the experience from the OWASP […]

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Issue management activities will be divided as follows: Phase I: Support to remediation activities (fixing) Phase II: Issue rechecking activity PHASE I: SUPPORT TO FIXING ACTIVITIES Once the safety tests have been carried out on the target, you will have a lot of information regarding the vulnerabilities found and the suggested remedies. At this point, […]

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If your company adopts an outsourcing software development model, Minded Security can support you to develop a Secure Software Assurance process with the aim to define all the criteria and all the steps necessary to guarantee an adequate assurance for the software you buy. The model proposed to regulate the security features of the software […]

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Secure Architecture Review focuses on the security linked to components and technology you deal with during the architectural design of your software.

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In this phase, a review of the application design is carried out from a safety point of view. It is not unusual for design limitations to arise in the construction phase. If the design is unclear or ambiguous, developers should return to the design team for clarification. It is important that the development team be […]

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Threat modeling is the process of identifying potential security threats to your business, application and then ensuring that a proper mitigation plan is in place. The process focuses on identifying and understanding project-level risks based on the functionality of the software being developed and characteristics of the runtime environment. Based on details about threats and […]

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Evaluate the current state of the maturity of your organization in conducting software security activities.

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Introduce security in your software development life cycle and improve the quality of your code.

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