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IMQ Minded Security Advanced Penetration testing with fixing support is a security assessment focused not only on the testing phase, but also on the support to our customers’ developers team that has to fix the vulnerabilities.

Modern Web Applications make use of new technologies and frameworks (Spring, Liferay etc.). Our Advanced Security Penetration Testing covers also every particularity of these technologies.

IMQ Minded security approach

This activity is composed by two phases.

During the first phase of this assessment, IMQ Minded Security consultants will test the security of the web application following the methodology described in the OWASP Testing Guide v4. At the end of this phase, testing results will be presented and shared with the application owners.

During the second phase of this assessment, IMQ Minded Security consultants will give support to the team that has to fix the vulnerabilities. The goal of this step is to implement the suggested remediations with a robust and tested solution. IMQ Minded Security has the expertise to drive the developers through the remediation process, suggesting which vulnerabilities have to be addressed first. In addition we are able to show to your developers the most innovative best practices in the Application Security field. This second phase can be performed on site or remotely according to the customer’s need.


Implement the right DevSecOps automation and Continuous Web Application Scanning for your needs.

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We are a Consultancy Company focused in supporting Companies to develop secure products.

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We performs software security analysis in white box mode and black box mode.

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Training and awareness in software security is critical for information security.