I would like to have a control of the JS running on all the Internet facing applications

Client Side Security Assessment


Client Side Assessment

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Vulnerabilities in your application’s client side code

JavaScript is an example of client side code of your application that will be executed on the users’ browsers. Nowadays cloud based websites and HTML5 Web interfaces use a lot of JavaScript that can be abused for hacking into websites. DOM Based XSS is an example of JavaScript vulnerability that is also referenced in the OWASP top Ten 2013 and, as a consequence, in the PCI DSS standard. XSS vulnerabilities are widespread and DOM Based XSS are very difficult to find: if you can’t find it, you can’t fix it.

IMQ Minded Security solution

IMQ Minded Security Blue Closure helps to identify the vulnerabilities in the JavaScript code that is running on the browser of your users when they are using your applications.

With a Client Side Security Assessment, our company wants to offer to its customer the possibility to take advantage of this technology without the need of buying a license. Our consultants will scan your website using Blue Closure and investigate the results in order to identify false positives and true vulnerabilities.

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Implement the right DevSecOps automation and Continuous Web Application Scanning for your needs.

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We are a Consultancy Company focused in supporting Companies to develop secure products.

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We performs software security analysis in white box mode and black box mode.

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Training and awareness in software security is critical for information security.