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Gio Feb 2024

IMQ Minded Security Partners with Equixly to Revolutionize API Security Testing with AI

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Milan, 15th February, 2024

IMQ Minded Security proudly announces its partnership with Equixly, the pioneering Italian platform automating API Security Testing through artificial intelligence and machine learning for advanced and proactive protection. Equixly’s innovative approach revolutionizes security practices by leveraging automation guided by AI to detect vulnerabilities within APIs and propose potential remediation actions. This surpasses the limitations of manual testing, enabling the automatic execution of a wide array of API attacks, thereby enhancing corporate efficiency and security posture.

“We’re excited to partner with IMQ Minded Security, a leader in Application Security. Their experience and trust in this field will empower our mission of integrating security testing practices into the software development lifecycle. Together, we’re making a new standard to ensure built-in API Security.” – Mattia & Alessio Dalla Piazza, Founders of Equixly.

“Their commitment to transforming the landscape of API security aligns perfectly with our own goals.” said Matteo Meucci CEO of IMQ Minded Security. Both companies share common values and aspirations in advancing API security practices.

At the core of Equixly’s solution lies its utilization of proprietary machine learning algorithms and advanced natural language processing techniques to comprehend, identify, and predict Business Logic vulnerabilities, even within the most intricate API call sequences. This unique capability sets Equixly apart, as traditional security measures such as WAFs or API Gateways are incapable of operating in such a manner.

Furthermore, Equixly seamlessly integrates API security testing into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), addressing vulnerabilities at an early stage to mitigate risks and reduce associated correction costs, ultimately facilitating the swift release of secure code. Embracing a DevSecOps methodology, the platform fosters collaboration between Security and Development teams, promoting the adoption of a holistic security approach within organizations.

Equixly’s commitment to security excellence is underscored by its execution of over 100 security tests, with a particular emphasis on adhering to the OWASP API Top 10 Security Risks framework. As an active member of the OWASP community, Equixly remains dedicated to enhancing API security standards industry-wide.

For comprehensive insights into Equixly’s API security approach, interested parties are encouraged to visit Equixly’s official website at

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