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Mar Mar 2024

IMQ Minded Security Partners with Semgrep for Enhanced Code Security Solutions

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Milan, 12th March, 2024

IMQ Minded Security and Semgrep are excited to announce a strategic partnership, bringing together IMQ Minded Security’s leading software security automation services with Semgrep’s developer-friendly security automation tools across Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA), and secrets scanning.

Semgrep’s integration into the development lifecycle is designed to streamline the process of identifying vulnerabilities and security issues in source code early on. This early detection capability is crucial for reducing the risks, costs, and time associated with addressing security issues at later stages of development. By incorporating Semgrep’s SAST, SCA, and secrets scanning solutions, IMQ Minded Security aims to promote a culture of security within organizations, encouraging the adoption of secure development practices from the outset​​​​.

“Joint customers will benefit from an integrated service offering that combines expertise and tooling that not only enables vulnerability detection as early as possible, but also empowers orgs to implement secure coding practices that prevent vulnerabilities from ever being introduced” Isaac Evans, CEO of Semgrep.

Matteo Meucci, CEO of IMQ Minded Security, expressed enthusiasm about partnering with Semgrep, emphasizing the alignment of their commitment to reshaping the landscape of software security with IMQ Minded Security’s goals. 

To underscore our confidence in Semgrep’s approach to static analysis, we launched a set of Semgrep Rules specifically designed for Android Application Security in June 2023. This initiative reflects our commitment to leveraging Semgrep’s capabilities to enhance security practices within the Android development ecosystem. For detailed insights and access to these rules, please visit our GitHub repository:

This partnership signifies a collaborative effort to advance security practices beyond traditional scopes, leveraging Semgrep’s capabilities in static analysis to detect vulnerabilities, enforce code standards, and optimize code performance across various programming languages. Semgrep’s approach, focusing on writing rules that resemble the actual code and covering a wide array of languages and technologies, aligns well with IMQ Minded Security’s expertise in application security, promising to enhance the security posture of development projects significantly.

For more information on Semgrep’s capabilities and how it can be integrated into security practices, you can explore their official documentation and resources provided by Trail of Bits, which offer insights into maximizing the tool’s value within organizations:

For more detailed information on how Semgrep contributes to improving security practices in development pipelines and its role in the partnership with IMQ Minded Security, you can visit Semgrep’s official website:

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