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Lun Apr 2020

OWASP SAMM v2 is out!

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OWASP SAMM (Software Assurance Maturity Model) is the OWASP framework to help organizations assess, formulate, and implement a strategy for software security, that can be integrated into their existing Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). OWASP SAMM is fit for most contexts, whether your organization is mainly developing, outsourcing, or acquiring software, or whether you are using a waterfall, an agile or devops method, the same model can be applied. This quick start guide walks you through the core steps to execute your OWASP SAMM-based secure software practice.

After a period of intensive discussions and with input from practitioners and the OWASP community during summits in Europe and the US on the best way forward, we take a new approach for version 2.0 based on the input we gathered.

Please connect with our software security specialists in order to plan a SAMM Assessment now!

For an overview of the version 2 changes, read our SAMM version 2 release notes.You can download the new guide here.

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